Cover artwork for EP release “Watching The Corner” by Mathias

Phantom Horse Brewing Co.

Web site for North Georgia craft brewer. I did the photography and the short video.

Long Exposure

Fooling around with some long exposures on a cloudy full moon night.  

Nico’s Supper

Promotional image for Nico’s Salon. A riff on the Soprano’s image by Annie Lebowitz. Composite of many images.


A candid portrait.

Hair Study

Experimenting with hair lighting.

Golf Ball Illustration

This special section cover image combines a rendered 3D model with a carefully shot photograph. By matching real-world camera angle and lens length with the virtual camera in a 3D environment, you can get some pretty amazing results.

Then and Now

Photo Illustration for a history piece on Chattanooga’s downtown. I attempted to match camera angles to a photograph from the late 1930’s. Due to major differences in camera and lens technology, they will never match perfectly. This was pretty close …