Loring Principals Announcement

An animated announcement to mark the creation of some new Principles at Loring Consulting Engineers.


Lilker Holiday Card

An animated message to Lilker clients. The WELL building standard is featured.

Loring Holiday Card

A 2019 AVA Digital Awards Gold winner! A fun, animated holiday greeting for Loring Consulting Engineers

Barktoberfest 2017

A 30 second PSA for McKamey Animal Center’s annual Halloween party.

Phantom Horse Brewing Co.

Web site for North Georgia craft brewer. I did the photography and the short video.

The Sarah Carlisle Towery Art Colony Film Website

This is a quick promotional site I put together for the production of the small documentary I did. The site features a gallery of all the Sarah Carlisle Towery artwork we could find and photograph. A random background artwork displays …

Snoop & Guess

Promotional piece for a new search engine/product placement system. Candice Combs, Mattie Waters and Michael Haggarty as the snooper. Jimi Hammond – Camera

Pie Slingers Video

Jennifer McSpadden Welsh talks about her restaurant, Pie Slingers Pizza